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Look no further than Gull Ski and Snowboard

We are the premier ski shop that carries all the gear you need to face the slopes. Whether you are a seasoned rider or are just looking into the sport, Gull Ski and Snowboard has the skiing and snowboarding gear, apparel and maintenance solutions you want and need. We opened in 1952 and were the first sports shop to carry snowboards in Missoula, MT. Fast forward 62 years later and we have the largest selection of skis and snow gear in Montana.

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We understand what you need to tackle the slopes and always carry the safest and highest quality products. Our ski shop experts are enthusiastic about snowboarding and skiing gear. We test all the boards we sell to become experts in the performance and durability of each one. Participating in a snow sport can be dangerous without the proper equipment. Our experts can help you find the right snow gear to ensure your safety and the safety of others. Gull Ski and Snowboard is your shop for all of your Montana snow sport needs.

Snowboarding vs. Skiing

Whether you're a beginner to snow sports or you want to change from one sport to another, there are some differences between snowboarding and skiing that could help you with your decision.



Learning how to ski is typically easier than learning how to snowboard because skiers feel they have more control over where the boards go and with getting on and off chairlifts. Moving on flat land or uphill can be easier on skis because your feet won't be on one board and you'll have poles to help you navigate. Skiing can be harder on the knees than snowboarding, leading to injuries, and some think carrying a pair of skis is harder than carrying a snowboard.



Snowboarding is usually more difficult to pick up but has a large learning curve, making the progression off the beginner slopes faster. While easier on the knees, snowboarding causes more wrist injuries so riders typically wear wrist guards. Also, getting up after falling on a snowboard is more difficult to master than with skis.

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Whether you choose skiing or snowboarding, our experts will guide you to the proper gear. We carry all the gear you need to enjoy your time on the slopes. To stock up on boards, bindings and boots, call the best snowboard shop in Montana - Gull Ski and Snowboard at 406-549-5613.